The MiRAA team interviews protagonists of the international VR art scene who give insights into their fields of work and current developments in immersive technologies.


IN CONVERSATION with VR atist Hsin-Chien Huang

Julie Walsh meeting storynests Hsin Chien Chuang. Hsin-Chien Huang is a new media creator with backgrounds in art, design, engineer and digital entertainment. His career endeavor explores cutting edge technologies in art, literature, design and stage performing.

IN CONVERSATION with VR programmer Blake Kammerdiener

Talking to VR programmer Blake Kammerdiener reveals the whole portfolio of arts in the virtual era: he likes to think of it as “Immersive Arts” or “Experiential activations,” Julie Walsh from MiRAA found out.

IN CONVERSATION with the artists Eduardo Kac & Tamiko Thiel


MiRAA's Julie Walsh in conversation with VR artists Eduardo Kac and Tamiko Thiel. They are taking about the secrets on how to conserve VR art.

IN CONVERSATION with the artists Bianca Kennedy & The Swan Collective

MiRAA co-founders Julie Walsh and Tina Sauerlaender meet the artists Bianca Kennedy and Felix Kraus (The Swan Collective) in their studio in Berlin. We speak about their latest VR art experience Animalia Sum. And they reveal the behind the scenes of creating this artwork.

IN CONVERSATION with Ulrich Schrauth, founder and director of VRHAM!

MiRAA co-founder Julie Walsh speaks with with Ulrich Schrauth, founder and director of VRHAM! VR festival in Hamburg, about the second edition of the festival in 2019, about recent developments of VR in the arts and about future developments of VR and the VRHAM!